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Bury St Edmunds CC - 2nd XI
Brockley vs Bury II

Brockley vs Bury II

By Alex McCaffrey
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A day of fun in the sun

Brockley, generously sponsored by A14 Tyres, welcomed Bury to the Badger Oval on an uncommonly warm and historically dry day.

The sunbathing fraternity led by Bowler and Boreham senior could barely contain their glee when they discovered that the 142 year old tradition of fielding first had been smashed to pieces and they were able to recline and watch Fisher junior (32) make good progress whilst his mum made an even better tea - HBTY HBTY HBDS HBTY!

At the other end, McCaffrey was following up a century from the previous weekend with a fluent innings that punished anything overpitched with a whack straight into the field.

This gave Brockley a super start but Bury never lost their composure and, sure enough, it wouldn’t have been a Saturday in summer without a Brockley middle order collapse as a convoy of four batsmen added just one to the total.

At this point it became quite difficult to keep up with who was batting and who was helping out that stalwart of many a great moment at Twinstead, Charles Revell, with umpiring duties.

In the interests of safety it was decided that it was better for the watching children to stand in front of the sightscreen rather than play near the boundary by the pavilion for fear of being trampled in the comings and goings.

Just when it looked like Brockley would turn 80 for no wicket into about 90 all out, Huffer strode confidently to the crease knowing that Harry was in the safe hands of single parent and Offsted hero Jefferies- what could possibly go wrong?

Steady batting by huffer and more blows from McCaffrey (93) got Brockley to 142 for 5 before a couple of LBWs given as a result of the lower middle order deciding to kick it off middle. This left Huffer with the unenviable task of batting with Sykes. On previous occasions this had led to some depressing run outs. A review that could be applied to about 82 per cent of Sykes’s innings.

This innings would probably have ended the same way had the heat and the stress of running a three not rendered both of them immobile.

There followed some great shots from Huffer who brought up his 50 with the last ball and even Sykes managed to find the boundary once he realised he was incapable of reading the spin and therefore couldn’t hit “with it”. He looked much more confident just mooing everything over a somewhat perplexed mid wicket

A score of 205 for 7 was about 80 above what the hosts expected at 1 pm and a testament to the quality of the dry early season track.

Bury’s reply didn’t start well as they lost a couple of quick wickets and when Sykes (2 for 46 ) actually played a positive part in a run out it seemed that Brockley may take a decisive hold on the game.

However when Geeves (2 for 20) pulled up lame to add to Sykes who appeared to start lame, Bury saw their opportunity and an excellent innings from Whittaker ( 78) steered them to 142 for 6.

At this point Jefferies, who always always always gets wickets, did just that thanks to a catch in the deep by McCaffrey as Whittaker seemed on the brink of winning the game for Bury.

Jeffries thought he had got another wicket to really pile on the pressure as Charles raised his finger to send the batsman packing. But Charles, the little tinker, was just having a giggle and in customary Bury/Brockley fashion the batsman was called back.

When Skelton strode to the wicket sporting a Tattersalls sponsored shirt both Sykes and Geeves assumed that this was point at which they would be put down.

As it was it was just the final efforts of the home side that were killed off as Bury cruised home with a couple of overs to spare.

Though losing is never a joyous experience it was super to see both sides put in strong performances and play in such a positive spirit.

If only all Saturdays could be like this.

Well, like this up to about the 35th over.

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